Islands hoping

Wakai port, Kadidiri - Togean islands

Togean national park tour information

Togean Islands were formed by volcanic activity million year ago, it is situated in the bay of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, got its status as a national park in 2004, this national park covers an area of 292,000 hectares of the entire archipelago. Administratively, the Togean Islands are under the Tojo Una Una district. Diving paradise [...]

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The beauty of Kei islands

Kei islands trip itinerary in 4 days

The Kei Islands of Southeast Maluku Regency have an amazingly beautiful natural landscape, purely natural and tropical white sandy beaches, and of course the most interesting thing of all is the beauty of the underwater world which is really still preserved. In addition, residents in the Kei Islands are very humble and friendly to tourists. [...]

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