a rock tunnel of sempu island

Enjoy Sempu island, a paradise in a small island

Sempu island is a coastal paradise scenery, tranquil beaches, crystal clear water, clean white sand, and incredible ocean views. This island situated at the southern coast of Malang Regency. To reach Sempu island, firstly you need to get to the beach called Sedang Biru, this beach is the gate to cross to Sempu Island. This [...]

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Ranu Kumbolo in Mt. Semeru

Excursion to Ranu Kumbolo – Have you ever heard about Mount Semeru? This is the highest mountain in all around Java island, it peak name is Mahameru, its height is about 3,676 meters above sea level, but have you ever heard about “Ranu Kumbolo”? Ranu Kumbolo is a lake of 18 hectares  in the trekking path to Mahameru, […]

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