Tanjung Papuma beach

Tanjung Papuma beach – Jember

Tanjung Papuma beach is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the South coast of Java, especially around  Jember regency, approximately about 25 km from Ambulu district.

Along the road to the beach, we can see the green paddy fields and tropical forest. You do not need to worry about the road to reach it, the access road is very good for private vehicles or even buses, they can go directly to the beach.

Papuma is a typical coastal headland with breathtaking ocean view, but it has a fairly high waves, we suggest every travelers who want to explore the beaches to use local guides who already have experience with the coastal region.

The white sand beaches that line along the banks of the beach with fishing boats lined appearing a stunning views, to be able to see the view and the entire coastline that shape Papuma coastal region, you can climb the hill around the beach, its easy to climb the stairs up the hill because it was well built, and at the top of the hill was built a substation so that we can take shelter while enjoying the breathtaking views of the coast. From this place, we can also see Siti Hinggil, a huge rock that stands firmly challenged the waves of the Hindia ocean and some of the rocks are almost similar and smaller around it.

There are some attractions that can be enjoyed while you are on this beach, snorkeling, outbound, feeding wild animal, explore Japanese cave heritage and of course grilled fish to fill your empty stomach. The Manager of Papuma beach also provides tour packages for those of you who want to enjoy those attractions.

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