Trip Story

Free diving at Pari island

My 2 days 1 night trip to Pari island

We should depart on Friday morning and we will have a chance for 3 day 2 night vacation in Pari Island - Jakarta, but my boss leave us on Friday afternoon, so eventually we only had a chance 2 days trip, but it was still an amazing and unforgottable holiday. Saturday morning, we had to [...]

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Cihampelas Walk Bandung

Weekend trip experience to Bandung

This is really long weekend, four days off between 17-20 of May, almost all offices in Jakarta closed and all the employees coming from the surrounding area are going home or take a vacation, so a long traffic jam on the highway leading Jagorawi to Bandung highway or Cipularang to Bandung highway. But we ignore [...]

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Amazing trip to Krakatoa

Amazing trip to Krakatoa volcano

 I've been living for long enough time in Jakarta the Capital of Indonesia, my company sent me and a group of my friends to stay in and fill in the blanks of my head office in Jakarta for three months, it’s mean i have a lot of time to explore and to go on vacation to [...]

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