How to book

How do I book a tour package through Melampa Tour?
You can make booking by selecting a tour package in our tour list and then pay it either by bank transfer or online payment.

How do I book a custom tour package?
To book a custom tour package you can contact our customer services or fill custom tour form

How do I get my tour package voucher?
After you’ve completed your booking, our system will sends you a booking details, you can use this email details as your tour package voucher.

How to pay

Does Melampa Tour eccept payments in USD?
No, Melampa Tour accpets only Indonesia Rupiah (IDR), another currency is not accpeted.

How do I proceed to make payment for the tour package I booked through Melampa Tour?
To proceed with making payment, please follow the instructions on the Payment page. Melampa Tour accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards. For transactions in IDR, Melampa Tour provides payment options via Bank Transfer, ATM, Credit Card, Indomaret, Internet or Mobile Banking.

My credit card transaction was unsuccessful. How could this happen?
Sometimes, it takes longer to process your payment. If your first transaction was unsuccessful, please refresh your page and retry making your payment.

Can I pay a down payment for tour package I purchased?
Some of our tour packages allows you to pay the down payment, it will be 50% of total prices, but some other not.

How can I pay my remaining payment?
You can make your remaining payment when you meet our crew in the first meeting on the first day of the tour.

What are the payment methods accepted for IDR transactions?
Melampa Tour accepts payments via Transfer, ATM, Credit Card, Internet Banking, and Indomaret. Please make sure your transferred amount to the right account details as shown in payment instruction. Beware of fraud.

If I choose Bank Transfer payment method, how much time do I have to complete the payment?
The longest time limit is 3 hours. However, if you are booking one day before departure, the time limit may be shorter.

I do not own a BCA, BNI, BRI or Mandiri ATM card. How do I complete my payment?
If you do not own any of those ATM cards, you can transfer through other ATM within Bersama, Prima and Alto ATM network. You can also pay with cash in any Indomaret locations. Just choose Indomaret as your payment method during checkout.

Cancellation, Refund and changes

How do I cancel a purchased tour package and get a refund?
You can not cancel a purchased tour package but you can reschedule it by contacting our customer service at the latest 3 days before the date of tour departure.

How do I get refund?
Melampa Tour does not refund for a purchased tour package.

Booking confirmation

How do I know whether my booking has been confirmed?
Once your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. The email contains the tour package and payment details.

I have successfully booked and completed payment before the time limit, why haven’t I received a confirmation in my email?
Please check your spam/junk folder. Should you need further assistance, please contact our customer services

Tour package details

What is included in the booking fare of a tour package?
What the booking prices includes or does not include may vary according to your choice of tour packages. However, the price typically covers admission fee or the basic equipments for your chosen tour package, find it more details at the tour package details page.

Why Melampa Tour charges additionally for foreign tourist?
Some of tour destinations has different policy about entrace tickets fee for local tourist (Indonesian citizen) and foreign tourist (Non Indonesian citizen), whereas the stated prices are only for local tourist. Please find more details about it at the tour package details.

Do I get a tour guide for a tour package?
Basically our tour packages does not includes a tour guide, but some of tour package includes a local guide and stated at the tour package details page, this local guide only come with you in mentioned tour destination only.

How do I get a tour guide services for the whole trip?
In each tour package details page there are optional add services, find the tour guide add services and check it, there will be an additional charge for the use of tour guide services, the fees of tour guide vary depends to the duration of the trip.

Can I change the pick up time and place?
Yes, you can change it if the pick up place stated in a tour package details page as any place inside the city, but it must be in the same day and city. Please contact our customer services to inform your new pick up time and place, then our customer services will inform you the available time and place for your new pick up time and places.

No, you can not change it if the pick up place is stated as a fix place.

How is the age policy in Melampa Tour?
Please note that our tour package prices has a different price policy for adults and children. Our age policy are

  • Children : Are a customer with 2 up to 5 years old.
  • Adults : Are a customer above 5 years old

How is the price policy for Adults and Children?

Adults will be charged full prices while children typically not. The prices for children vary on different tour packages. You will get it more details about it in tour booking details.

Can I change the hotel/room type for a purchased tour package?
Yes you can changet it by contacting our customer service, please note! You can only apply the changes for hotel/room type at the latest 3 days before tour departure and it is subject to the availablelity of the hotel/room type.

Contact us

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