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Bali, an island of thousand temples

Everyone knows Bali, or at least have heard about it, an island filled with surprises, a million cultural and artistic attractions, natural beauty no doubt, charming beaches, friendly and smiling locals, various tourist accommodation. Peoples came to Bali and never bored, come again and come again, it’s like having a magnet that makes people want to visit it and those who’ve ever, wanted to visit again. Bali has long been an international tourist destination, hundreds and thousands of domestic and foreign tourists are visiting Bali, they will tell their stories and invite families and friends to come to Bali. Every day is a special experience, one month is not enough to enjoy the beauty of nature and explore the colorful life in Bali. If you have the opportunity, came to Bali, and when you come home, you will miss it once again.

Bali is located in the east of the Java island, approximately 3.2 km or almost 1 hour crossing by ferry boat. Geographically Bali is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, has a length of 153 km and a width of 112 km. Mount Agung is the highest peak in Bali, it is an active volcano and last erupted in 1963. Northern region of Bali is a narrow lowland and less sloping, whereas in the lowlands of the south have a more gentle slope and width. The majority of Balinese are Hindus, according to history, when the Majapahit kingdom in East Java collapse, many artists and poets as well as residents of Majapahit who reject Islamic rule in Demak kingdom exodus to Bali in order to maintain confidence, their culture and heritage there, it is no wonder, cultural heritage and Hindu architectural style buildings can easily be found in Bali, one of which is a temple that can be encountered in almost every village in Bali.

In addition to the eye-catching natural beauty, Bali is also known for its cultural attractions and art that almost every day we can meet in every corner of the city, traditional dances almost every day held in multiple locations, we can also find a museum exhibiting art gallery such as paintings, sculptures and materials of copper and silver, we can also buy it as a souvenir when we get home from Bali. Ubud is one of the centers of art and culture in Bali, here we can see the museums, Balinese dance performances, cultural attractions, painting exhibitions and events that are held on certain dates. In addition to the life of art, Ubud is also famous for its natural scenery, land of green rice terraces at the foot of the mountain, making this area convenient as a haven for travelers in Bali.

Beaches area in Bali has his own world, foreign tourists usually like entertainment-nightlife, entertainment type of this kind we can meet on beaches such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, there are many discos, pubs, night clubs on these beach, almost every night we could see the staging of modern art in the region such as the staging of a modern band. In this coastal region was the first terrorist attack had occurred bombings Bali which could dim the light of Bali tourism, hopefully this kind of incident does not happen again in this archipelago. Regardless of the pros and cons that blanketed the region, Bali is truly representative of the world of tourism, he not only presents the cultural attractions with a full appreciation of local art but also presents a glamorous modern cultural attractions with a pleasure-oriented.

In Bali we also can find the nuances of vacation means adventure, sports and water attractions. Several operators offer rafting adventure package for those of you who want to explore the Ayung river, there is also exploring and adventure by riding an elephant, in Ubud you can bike the morning while enjoying the green countryside by rice plants. You can also climb Mount Agung and Batur, ask for information to travel agents about the mountain climbing. Water tourism in Bali is no less adrenaline, there could be surfing, parasailing, sea walker, snorkeling and diving, underwater ecosystem in Bali is also well preserved.

Explore and enjoy the charm of Bali in accordance with your passion, you will be made captivated and fell in love, and when you come home, you will miss it.

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