Ijen crater and the blue fire

Melampa.com – Ijen Crater located on the top of Mt. Ijen, a mountain complex located in the border of Banyuwangi regency and Bondowoso regency, it is one of a unique international tourist destination, it has a charming sunrise and amazing blue fire, one of the natural phenomena that we can see every night at Ijen crater, there are only two blue fire in the world, one in the crater of Ijen and one in Iceland.

To reach Ijen crater, we can pass through one of two routes, first, route Bondowoso, we will pass through the town and next to coffee plantations on the slope of Mount Ijen. Second route is via Banyuwangi, if you are a tourists coming from Bali then you should use Banyuwangi route, each route will meet at a place called Paltuding, from here we will start the ascent to the summit of Ijen crater.

To enjoy the blue flame phenomena, we have to climb to the top of the crater early in the morning so that we could arrive before sunrise, generally blue flame could be witnessed between 01.00 am to 04.00, which is the vast sulfur crater of Ijen will turn into blue flames, we just can not see it as a whole because of the large crater covered sulfur fumes, usually we only get to enjoy the blue flame on the edge of the crater.

As the sun began to rise, we can enjoy it as well, then slowly blue flames will fade as the sun is getting brighter. Enjoy phenomenon of blue flame and enjoy sunrise at the top of Ijen crater is an awesome experience, it’s no wonder that many domestic and foreign tourists are willing to spend their time and effort to climb to the top of the crater for seeing these two natural wonders. If you just want to admire the Ijen crater without wanting to enjoy the phenomenon of blue flame, you can climb to the top of the crater in the day.

During the ascent that lasted approximately 1.5-2 hours, we will meet with the traditional sulfur miners, they just use simple tools to change the liquid sulfur into sulfur boulder then bring it with bamboo baskets to the foot of Mount Ijen for the next leg weighs weighed and sold, from the conversation with some of the miners that we encountered during the climb, we know that the cost per kilogram of sulfur is IDR. 800, so they can carry freight sulfur lumps weighing between 80-100 kilogram, is unimaginable how hard they work, every day carrying heavy loads and every day inhale the smell of sulfur that you know can damage the lungs, but they must do it for meet the needs of

For us, adventure in the crater of Ijen is an unforgettable experience, although very tiring, but it all paid off after enjoying the splendor of Ijen crater, if anyone has a chance on vacation in East Java, take a moment to visit Ijen crater, you will admire it.

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