Kasada ceremony and the beauty of Bromo

It’s always wonderful and amazing experience to enjoy the beauty of Bromo, so majestic with height about 2400 m.dpl, an active crater, white smoke with the smell of sulfur.

Moreover, the presence of people of Tengger which has been inhabited the villages around the foot of Bromo volcano has their own charming, they used to wear casual clothes called “sarung and kupluk”, this is a simple clothe to keep them warm in the cold weather of Bromo.

Tengger people speaks Javanese language as their daily conversation. But in different to the old Javanese language, Tengger people did not have language stratification among theme.

Long time ago, during the period of feudalism, People of Tengger serves Majapahit kingdom and their district is a holy place, their legacy and culture still well preserved until today.

With their constancy to the culture and the way of life, these people has live in peace, honest and humble. The story of people of Tengger is a legend and myths about Childs of Roro Anteng (princes of Majapahit kingdom) and Joko Seger (son of Brahmana).

The peoples of Tengger are Hindu’s adherent, and they do annually ceremony called Yadnya Kasada (Kasodo), this ceremony held in “Poten Temple” which is situated in the middle of the Sea of Sands, this ceremony will continue to the top of Bromo.

The story of Kasada Ceremony is the story of sacrifice. it begun at the time of empress of Majapahit kingdom birth daughter named Roro Anteng, and then she married with Joko Seger son of Brahmana. People of Tengger always live in peace, but not these couple, because they did not have children.

Eventually Joko Seger decide to meditate at the crater of Bromo hoping the God will gives him a child, at the end of his meditation he heard a sound that his hope will come true with a condition that his youngest child will be sacrificed to the crater of Bromo, and these couple agreed.

After long time they have 25 child, they forgot that promise and the God was getting angry so he gave disaster to the people of Tengger, Bromo erupted and destroyed their peace. Kusuma the youngest child of Joko Seger with his own willing came to the crater of Bromo and sacrifice his life.

This story is always remembered by People of Tengger by holding a Yadnya Kasada (Kasodo). At the night of 14th of Month Kasada, People of Tengger held Kasada Ceremony, they go to the top of Bromo and bring offering consist of crops and livestock and sacrifice it to the God, and then they throw those all to the crater of Bromo.

Opening dance before Kasada Ceremony

The sacrifice ceremony is held in order to get welfare and safety from disaster. Kasada ceremony begun at midnight with inauguration to the elder of people and the dances of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger in the open stage at Ngadisari village. After ceremony at around 04.00 am the people of Tengger get ready to bring offering to the crater of Bromo.

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