Legian beach

Legian and Seminyak beach

Melamap.com – Legian and Seminyak beach has the same feel to Kuta, almost all the beach activities you can do in Kuta you can also do it in Legian and Seminyak beach, such as swimming and surfing. This beach located about 2 km to the north of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak beach is not as busy and crowds like Kuta beach, and that’s what being the excess, if you don’t like the crowds of Kuta beach then you can relax on this beach while enjoying the sunset.

Surfers at Legian beachInitially, the Legian area is an agricultural village, although it is located on the waterfront, but the majority of the population work as farmers, only a small proportion of the population working as fishermen, the area is slowly changing as more and more at Kuta Beach gets visitors so Legian overflow visitors. The two villages were also clean up and provide various facilities for travelers.

Legian and Seminyak beach area much frequented by foreign tourists than domestic travelers, especially tourists from Australia. They love this place because so many inns and hotels that offer relatively low rents and nightspots, such as discos, night clubs, and pubs. Some well-known restaurant and cafe is now mostly exist in Seminyak, most cafes are often organize parties to attract tourists. Interestingly, in all the way to shore up the ranks Seminyak restaurant offering tempting dishes, from low price to the high expensive, from traditional dishes to international cuisine, as it is the street has a nickname “eating street”.

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