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Togean national park tour information

Togean Islands were formed by volcanic activity million year ago, it is situated in the bay of Tomini, Central Sulawesi, got its status as a national park in 2004, this national park covers an area of 292,000 hectares of the entire archipelago. Administratively, the Togean Islands are under the Tojo Una Una district.

Diving paradise

Togean national park is very rich with its coral reefs, its marine environment is still well preserved, its location in relatively remote area is one of the reasons of it, various types of rare marine life are protected by the government can be found here, this makes Togean islands one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in Indonesia.

Diving activity

Diving illustration

Although situated in a remote place and the transportation access to Togean Islands is relatively difficult, this tourist destination still attracts domestic and international diving lovers, they spend weeks or even months exploring and enjoying the beauty of coral reefs and underwater life, they also enjoy relaxing on its enchanting beaches.

Islands to visit around Togean national park

Some islands that have diving and snorkeling spots around Togean national park are; Kadidiri Island, most of the resorts are operating in Togean are located on this island. In addition to having many dive spots, this island is situated in the heart of the archipelago and thus makes it easy to access any other islands around.

Clear waters around Togean islandsUna-una Island, located right in the middle of Tomini Bay, approximately 2-3 hours by boat from Gorontalo, there is also a diving resort on this island.

Malenge Island is famous for the settlements of the Bajo people who live in the ocean, they build settlements above the sea and cannot be separated from it. You can visit their village and get a closer look at how their life is.

Walea Kodi Island also has some beautiful diving and snorkeling spots, not far from this island is Walea Bahi island, there is a diving resort on this island, around this island you can also find some beautiful diving spots.

In addition to the islands above, there are actually many small islands around Togean, the only transportation access that connects them is boats, which are used by local residents and tourists.

Access from Gorontalo city and its surroundings

Togean National Park can be accessed from several cities in North and Central Sulawesi. Tourists generally arrive by flight in Gorontalo, then use the Ferry which departs every Friday and Tuesday afternoon to Wakai in Togean.

Alternatively or if you miss the Ferry in Gorontalo, you can go to Marisa by renting a car around 1 hour from Gorontalo, from Marisa you can rent a boat to Togean. Marisa is more closer to Togean than Gorontalo, but it only provide boat charter not public transportation such as Ferry.

Access from Ampana, Central Sulawesi

From Central Sulawesi, Togean can be accessed from the small towns of Ampana and Luwuk using a scheduled Ferry. In April 2015 the government built an airport in Ampana, this newly opened airport has limited routes including: Ampana – Luwuk, Ampana – Gorontalo and Ampana – Palu, and there are no direct flights from Makassar to Ampana, you should transit first in Palu.


Most of the food around the Togean Islands are taken from the sea or seafood. The main food of Togean people itself is sago, local people mix these two kind of ingredients into interesting typical food, you must try this meal if you visit Togean.

In Ampana, you can enjoy the beauty of the night and local culinary called grilled fish of rica-rica. You can also buy food here as a supplies for traveling around the Togean Islands, especially if you plan to to move from one place or island to another to find various diving and snorkeling spots. But please remember! Do not litter on the sea. That way you help preserve the nature we live in.

What to do in Togean?

You can do various activities in Togean, including; fishing, sailing, swimming and of course snorkeling and diving.

In addition, there are rows of small and large islands with dense forest inhabited by a variety of unique flora and fauna, if you have enough time, you can explore these islands and see their beauty.

You can also visit the settlements of the Bajo people on several islands, including; Kabalutan, Pulau Enam, Pulau Malenge, or in Kayome island where there is still an original Bajo house left by its owner, the original structure without using a single nail.

In the main residential area on Togean Island there is a village called Katupat, this village has very beautiful beach, you can also go into the forest around the village to do trekking.

Batudaka Island is the largest and most accessible island around the Togean Islands, here you can visit Bomba Village to swim, snorkel or visit Bat Cave.

Kadidiri is the most famous island in Togean, this island offers beautiful beaches with easily accessible snorkeling and diving spots. The waters around Kadidiri Island have calm currents, therefore it is very suitable for snorkeling and diving activities. Additionally, this island also have some good resort, you arrange this island as the center of your activity around Togean national park.

A resort in TogeanIn addition to the well-known resorts, there are many affordable accommodations on the west coast of Kadidiri island, not far from there are rows of steep rocks that are habitat for coral crabs.

About 4 km south of Kadidiri island there is amazing dive site, this dive spot is a form of a vertical rock wall that extends from North to South, local people call it the “Taipi Wall”. You will enjoy amazing underwater scenery around this spot, various types of coral reefs and colorful reef fish. The current around this site is friendly, the diving depth varies from 5-30 meters, the water is warm because it gets abundant sunlight, you will feel comfort for long staying under the water around this site.

Not far from “Pulau Enam” there is a wreckage of the United States B24 bomber that crashed in May 1945. The plane is in very good condition, you can see the rest of the propeller, aircraft wing, and one of the cabins complete with machine guns on the side. This aircraft ruins is situated about 16 km from Kadidiri island at a depth of about 14-22 m.

For those of you who cannot dive or snorkel, other choices of activities are fishing, exploring nature and seeing the cultural richness of the people of the Togean Islands.

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