The wonderful sunrise of Bromo

Bromo sunrise tour beauty

Bromo is a miracle of beautiful landscapes, beautiful views, enchanting sunrises, unique culture of the people. Local traveler and abroad, they always enjoy visiting Bromo, they even had visited Bromo for a few times, Bromo such has a magnet in their hearts that will always make them come again.

It’s no wonder Bromo is always crowded by visitors, especially during weekend, if you have ever visited Indonesia traditional market, Bromo is much more crowded than those markets, peoples around the world gathers in Bromo, just to enjoy its truly beautiful sunrise.

One of the best attraction in Bromo is enjoying the sunrise of Bromo at Penanjakan. This is the perfect place to see the magic of Bromo sunrise and also the best place to view the landscape of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which. From a distance you can view the stunning Semeru volcano, the highest peak of Java.

Amazing landscape view of Mt. Bromo

For me, it is not merely sensational Bromo sunrise, but a combination of Bromo landscape and the moment the sun appeared behind the mountain, that makes the moment of sunrise in Bromo is so special, you may enjoy the sunrise on the best places in the world, but it is not same, Bromo sunrise is always different.

The best moment in Bromo is when the sea of ​​sand in a white mist cover on it and the weather is sunny, if so, I think we can look directly at the such as a country above the clouds, high cliffs sea of ​​sand that is limiting residential areas looks from a distance like floating on a cloud, like a picture of the heavens.

Bromo sunrise tour?

Mt. Bromo sunrise tour start Surabaya


Mt. Bromo sunrise tour start from Malang


Bromo sunrise tour from Probolinggo city


There are two Penanjakan view point in Bromo, from both site, you can view beautiful sunrise of Bromo. The first Penanjakan view point is higher than the second, and because of it’s high, a mountains view behind the crater of Bromo become more clearly visible, but the first Penanjakan  has a farer distance than the second.

Why there are two Penanjakan in Bromo? Bromo is a bustling tourist destination throughout the year, and first Penanjakan is not enough to accommodate those visitors, therefore if the first Penanjakan is too crowdy, then you can visit the second.

If you use a Jeep hardtop to explore Bromo, the driver usually has identified wether the first Penanjakan is crowdy or not, so they will offer you for a visit to the second Penanjakan. During week end, I suggest you to visit the second Penanakan instead, because this site will be much easier to visit and much less crowd the the first Penanjakan.

Additionally to the beautiful sunrise, Bromo offers you many attraction, the most visited places around Bromo are the crater of Bromo, the wishpering sands, the savanna of Bromo. If you want to explore Bromo, you can visit those places.

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