Amazing landscape view of Mt. Bromo

Explore Bromo volcano and Madakaripura waterfall

Bromo volcano situated inside the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which is extended within four cities in East Java, those are Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. To reach Bromo you can take overland trip from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang, and then from there you can hire a Hardtop to get to Penanjakan view point to see its wonderful sunrise, you can also explore The Sea of sands and the crater of Bromo.

This volcano was popular with its very beautiful sunrise view. Usually tourist must climb very early in the morning to Penanjakan view point only to enjoy the beautiful moment of sunrise between the mountain series and the active crater of Bromo. If you’re lucky, when you’re exploring the Sea of sands, you can also see a rainbow extended above the massive landscape of the national park.

Bromo Jeep Rental Services - 4 destinations via Probolinggo

In addition to enjoying the sunrise from Penanjakan, you can also enjoy the views of Mount Batok and Semeru, Sea of Sands and the wide caldera and the hill of Teletubbies and “Pure Poten” which is situated at central of seas of sand, this place usually used for religious ceremonies organized by the local people of Tengger.

The area around Bromo Tengger Semeru national park was inhabited by people of Tengger, they are Hindus. Once a year at the night 14th of month Kasada, they will celebrate annually ceremonial called “Yadna Kasada”, this ceremony held in order to ask Sang Hyang Widi for their safety and blessing. Peoples of Tengger gather in the Sea of Sands and then in the peak of the ceremony, they will walk the crater of Bromo carrying every kind of offerings and then throw it all to the crater of Bromo. This ceremony actually became an interesting event and many tourists usually wait for this moment to capture.

If you want to stay in Bromo for little long time and live with the people of Tengger and to enjoy the landscape and the daily activities of Bromo’s people, you can rent people house around Cemoro Lawang and Ngadisari village or you can book various hotel around Cemoro Lawang or Sukapura village.


Mt. Bromo day tour start Surabaya

This day tour will take you to explore some Bromo, enjoy the stunning landscape of Bromo at Penanjakan view point, trekking to the amazing caldera of Mt. Bromo, visit the vast sea of sands and optionally you can also visit the savanna of Bromo, this tour is suitable for anyone who wants to explore Mt. Bromo within short duration.

Rp550,000*Per person



Mt. Bromo sunrise tour start Surabaya

This Bromo sunrise tour will take you to explore Bromo, enjoy the wonderful sunrise of Bromo at Penanjakan point and view its beautiful landscape, visit the vast sea of sands and trekking to the amazing crater of Bromo. This tour started from Surabaya at midnight and suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy Bromo with limited time.

Rp530,000*Per person


Madakaripura waterfall

Not too far from the slope of Bromo, we can find a majestic Madakaripura waterfall, this is the hermitage place of the great prime minister of Majapahit kingdom Gajah Mada, an ancient kingdom which was ruled Java and archipelago.

A beautiful girl photo and Madakaripura waterfall

This waterfall can be reached by car and takes about 45 minutes driving from Cemoro Lawang. When you arrive at the main gate of this waterfall area, you must walk about 15 minutes so you can enjoy the waterfall. In my opinion, this is the highest waterfall in East Java or even in Indonesia. During the trekking to reach the waterfall, on the left and right side of the trekking path, you can see mosses coverage the walls of the cliff. The blast of wind contained water resulted by the spark of the waterfall made it grow and turn green the cliffs. In this place, your eyes will enjoy beautiful landscape of rocks and great waterfall, and if the weather is good you’ll find a rainbow between those cliffs.


Half day tour Madakaripura waterfall from Probolinggo

This tour will invite you to visit Madakaripura waterfall at the slope of Mt. Bromo within 6 hours, a beatuful and tallest waterfall in East Java, this half day tour started from Probolinggo, could be your hotel, harbor train station, or any other public places inside the city.

Rp270,000*Per person


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