The true peak of Mt. Raung - 3344 masl

Mt. Raung hiking information via Kalibaru Jember

Total activity : 2 days 1 night
Trekking up estimation : 11-13 hours
Trekking down estimation : 6-7 hours
Highest peak : 3344 meters above sea level
Start/Finish : Basecamp at Kalibaru – Jember
Trekking route : via Kalibaru – Jember


Raung is an active volcano and a part of Ijen mountains, the most eastern mountains in Java island, these mountains extends in the area of 3 regencies of East Java,  are Bondowoso, Jember and Banyuwangi. Mt. Raung itself was popular by it hardest mount trekking activity in all around Java, because of no water resources along the trekking route that is why you need to bring all water supply from the base camp and as well the dangerous hiking trail to reach its true peak.

The highest peak of Mt. Raung is 3334 meters above sea level, there are 2 popular trekking routes to climb Mt. Raung, the first is via Sumber Wringin, Bondowoso and the second is via Kalibaru Jember, only the last route will takes the climbers to the highest peak of Mt. Raung which is need technical climbing skill with ropes to do that.

This information contains all necessary information you may need to hike Mt. Raung through Kalibaru route only, this route will takes around 11-13 hours trekking or even longer depends to the power and stamina of the climbers and absolutely needs to technical climbing skill with ropes to reach the highest peak. Below is the trekking information details.

Trekking Information Details

Main Base camp

This place also the main entrance for Mt. Raung hiking activity, you have to complete your entry permit here and the officers will check all climbing equipment you may need during hiking activity and make sure that you use experienced Local Guide to lead your hiking, don’t worry! If you don’t yet have any guide with you, they can prepare for you a local guide and porters to bring all your logistic and water supply.

From the base camp you can arrange the transfer to Pos 1 using motorbike taxi, get this motorbike taxi from your Local Guide, they will arrange for you.

Pos 1

This place is your next destination after the base camp. You have two options to reach this place, the first is using motorbike taxi and it takes around 40 minutes riding or you can walk and it takes around 3 hours, we strongly recommend you to hire and ride motorbike taxi cause it will absoultely save your stamina for the next route. All the transportation services ended here, they can’t take you higher than this pos.

In this pos you can also find a stall which sell foods, the stall name is “Warung Pak Sunarya”, this is the only stall you can find here.

Motorbike base camp in Mt. Raung

Camp 1

It takes around 90 minutes trekking to reach this place from Pos 1 – “Warung Pak Sunarya”, the trekking field is mostly flat but not like any other mountains trekking field, almost along the bank of this hiking trail you will see ravine in the right and left side of the hiking trail.

Camp 2

It takes around 45 minutes trekking to reach this camp from Camp 1, the hiking trail is mostly covered tropical forest, the hiking trail is mostly still flat.

Camp 3

The hiking trail from Camp 2 is constantly uphill until you arrive at Camp 3.

Camp 4

The hiking trail from Camp 3 to Camp 4 is increasingly uphill, the trekking path is tortuous up and down and suddenly steep, the weather is getting colder, and the vegetation is getting lush. It takes around 1 hour to reach Camp 4.

Trekking path of Mt. Raung via Kalibaru - full of vegetations

Camp 5

After around another 1 hour trekking from Camp 4, you will reach Camp 5. The trekking trail is mostly similar with the previous hiking trail.

Camp 6

From Camp 5 the hiking trail is extremly uphill until you reach Camp 6, but the trekking duration is not too long cause the distance is also not too far.

Camp 7

It takes around 90 minutes to reach Camp 7, the trekking trail from Camp 6 extremely uphill and farer than previous trekking trail. From all the camps, only this camp has a small shelter with a lot of logistic on its roop which was abandoned by the hikers. This camp also a good place and has wide enough space to build a tent around it, you can build your tent here and stay overnight before summit attack earlier next day.

You can plan your summit attack here, prepare your hiking equipment before you continue hiking next day, and do it earlier around 02:30am.

Camp 7 - Raung hiking via Kalibaru - Ideal place for camping

Camp 8

It takes around 1 hour to reach this camp from previous camp. This place has narrow space but still enough to build a tent only around it.

Camp 9

The trekking trail to reach this camp is getting steep and need powerfull stamina, that is why you need to do this earlier in the morning. In camp 9, there is still vegetation and it is also the last camp before you reach the peak.

Prepare and use all your climbing equipment here, including harness, figure of eight, carrabiner and helmet.

Peak 1 : “Puncak Bendera” (Peak of Flag) – 3159 masl

To reach this peak, you don’t need any climbing equipment, you just need to walk carefully and it takes around 45 minutes to reach this place from camp 9. The temperature around this peak is really cold.

There is Indonesian flag in this peak, the name of this peak refers to that flag.

The challenges starts when you try to reach the next peak, the name is  “Puncak Tusuk Gigi”, the trekking trail to reach this peak is absolutely dangerous, you should cross extremely small trekking path, around 1m width and steepy ravine in the right and left side, peoples call this trekking trail “Shirotol Mustaqim”, this name refers to Muslim’s beliefs for which states that there is extremely small bridge to reach heaven, if someone successfully crosses this bridge, they can reach heaven, but if they didn’t, they will fall into the hell. The same situation is here, you have to step extremely carefull to cross this trekking path or you may fall into the deep ravine.

Dangerous trekking path - Mt. Raung hiking via Kalibaru

Additionally to this “Shirotol Mustaqim” trail, there are also at least 4 dangerous points to reach the next peak which is need for technical climbing skill with rope, see the pictures below.

Dangerous point 1 - Mt. Raung hiking trekking trail

Dangerous point 2 - Mt. Raung hiking trail

Dangerous point 3 - Mt. Raung hiking trail

Dangerous point 4 - Mt. Raung hiking trail

The peak of Tusuk Gigi – 3300m above sea level

After passing these dangerous points, you will go down a rocky hill and then follow small flag which will lead you to the true peak of Mt. Raung, this small flag is also a marker for good and solid trekking trail for you to pass out. And after around 2 hours trekking crossing all those obstacles, you will reach “Puncak Tusuk Gigi” Tusuk Gigi peak.

The peak of Tusuk Gigi - Mt. Raung trekking

The True peak of Mt. Raung (3344 masl)

You just need to walk around 10 minutes to reach the true peak of Mt. Raung from the peak of Tusuk Gigi. The highest peak of Mt. Raung is around 3344 meters above sea level, from this point you can clearly see to the wide caldera of Mt. Raung.

The true peak of Mt. Raung - 3344 masl

Trekking down summary

It takes around 6-7 hours with normal stop for break depend to the stamina and powers, we will arrive at the basecamp in the afternoon, and finish entire trekking activity of Mt. Raung.

Trekking up Summary

Trekking up takes around 12-13 hours without any obstacle and if the stamina of the hikers are good and 1 overnight in Camp 7 if possible depends to the condition and situation during the trekking.

Altitude Information

  • Raung Base camp Kalibaru – around 700m above sea level
  • Camp 3 – 1656m above sea level
  • Camp 4 – 1855m above sea level
  • Camp 5 – 2115m above se level
  • Camp 6 – 2285m above sea level
  • Camp 7 – 2541m above sea level
  • Camp 8 – 2876m above sea level
  • Camp 9 – 3023m above sea level
  • The peak of flag – 3154m above sea level
  • The peak of Tusuk Gigi – 3300m above sea level
  • The true peak of Mt. Raung – 3344 m above sea level

Requirement and Necessary Equipment

  1. Healthy and good stamina
  2. Good shoe for trekking
  3. T-shirt with long sleeve
  4. Warm Jacket
  5. Sleeping bag and Mantras
  6. Head Light torch
  7. Climbing Equipment (Karmantle, Helmet, Sling, Figure of Eight, Autostop Descender, Webbing, Webbing sling, Carrabiner)

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