The true peak of Mt. Raung - 3344 masl

Mt. Raung hiking information via Kalibaru Jember

 Total activity : 2 days 1 night Trekking up estimation : 11-13 hours Trekking down estimation : 6-7 hours Highest peak : 3344 meters above sea level Start/Finish : Basecamp at Kalibaru – Jember Trekking route : via Kalibaru – Jember Introduction Raung is an active volcano and a part of Ijen mountains, the most […]

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Driving to Sukamade turtle beach

Finding turtles at Meru Betiri national park

Have you seen turtles lays their eggs in the wild? It is an rarely found experience, but you can watch it directly in Sukamade beach, this is a remoted beach located inside Meru National Park Betiri. Meru Betirin National Park (TNBT) located in the south coast of East Java, the area if this national park […]

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